Enterline Immigration Consulting Ltd

Enterline Immigration represents successful entrepreneurs, professionals, qualified investors and other individuals and their families seeking to become permanent legal residents of the United States by making an investment into a business in the United States via the United States Employment Based Fifth Preference (“EB-5”) Alien Entrepreneur immigrant visa category.  Our team is the most professional and most experienced immigration and investment team in Taiwan.


Making an investment into a new business under the EB-5 immigrant visa category is a unique opportunity for you to achieve your dream of establishing residency in the United States for yourself, your spouse and any of your children under the age of 21 and bringing with it the freedom to live wherever you choose in the United States, all without having to buy or manage a business.

Enterline Immigration does extensive due diligence and provides comprehensive information on potential EB-5 businesses so that you can make an informed decision before you invest.

We encourage you to contact us to find out for yourself why we are the most professional and most experienced team available for you to immigrate via an EB-5 immigrant visa.