United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) is scheduled to increase its filing and processing fees for business visas in 2020. Below are examples of the proposed increased fees by visa category:

L-1 and H-1B Visas:

L-1 visa petitions (for temporary workers, non-immigrant) are scheduled to increase by 77 percent from US$460 to US$815, while H-1B petitions (for temporary employees in a specialty occupation) will rise 22 percent from US$460 to US$560.

High Skilled Employment Visas:

Petitions fees for O-1 visas for those of extraordinary ability/achievement will almost double, from US$460 to US$715. Filing fees for P (athletes/ entertainers), Q (cultural exchange) and R (religious workers) will increase from US$460 to US$705.

USCIS has also proposed to change the current premium processing system. While the fees will remain the same, adjudication will take up to 15 business days instead of its current 15 calendar days from date of receipt.

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