On March 19, 2020, the Department of State suspended all routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa interview appointments as a response to the growing Coronavirus pandemic. International travel restrictions have been put in place around the world in an attempt to control the spread of the virus.

With no predetermined expiration date, the limitation may pose a significant problem for those holding immigrant visas but have not yet entered the United States.  Immigration visas have a maximum validity of about six months, during which time the foreign national is required to be admitted to the United States.

Because the six month immigrant visa maximum validity is governed by federal regulation, consular officers do not have the authority to extend the validity. However, an immigrant visa may be reprinted once travel becomes possible provided that all supporting documents such as police clearances and medical evaluations have not expired. If any of the documentation, especially medical evaluation which have a validity of 6 months, has expired during the time that an immigrant is unable to travel to the United States, the applicant will be required to obtain new documentation before an expired immigrant visa can be reprinted.

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