An I-131A visa is for lawful permanent residents (“LPR”) whose Form I-551 “green card” was lost, stolen or destroyed while traveling outside the United States, or whose green card has expired, and who have been outside the U.S. for less than one year.  Such LPRs can apply at a U.S. Consulate for the I-131A visa.

Commonly referred to as a boarding foil, this visa should allow LPRs to board an aircraft and request entry into the United States.   Note the boarding foil does not guarantee you will be admitted.

Upon arrival at the Port of Entry (“POE”), a Customs and Boarder Protection (“CBP”) officer will review your request for entry.  CBP officers have the authority to determine your admissibility and are not obligated to admit you based on the boarding foil.  However, LPRs do have the right to request to be admitted temporarily and be scheduled for a hearing before an immigration judge to determine eligibility. (See HERE) Returning LPRs are permanent residents until that status is revoked or voluntarily relinquished.

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