Starting in January 2021, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) will replace the sticker that is currently issued to lawful permanent residents (“LPRs”) to extend the validity of their Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”).  The new document will be a revised Form I-797, Notice of Action (“Notice”).

An LPR must file Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, when their Green Cards expire or are about to expire. The Notice will serve as a receipt notice for the Form I-90.

When presented together with the expired Green Card, the Notice will extend the Green Card’s validity for 12 months from the date on the front of the Green Card and will serve as temporary proof of the LPR’s status. This change ensures that the LPR with a recently expired Green Card will have documentation of identity, employment authorization, and authorization to return to the United States following temporary foreign travel.

Form I-90 applicants who have not been issued an Application Support Center notice for a biometrics appointment and are in possession of their Green Card, will no longer have to visit a USCIS Application Support Center to obtain temporary evidence of LPR status. Applicants who have already been scheduled for a biometrics appointment will not receive a Notice and will be issued an extension sticker at their biometrics appointment.

Starting in January, applicants who file Form I-90 to replace an expiring Green Card will receive the Notice in the mail approximately 7-10 days after USCIS accepts their application. This Notice will be printed on secure paper and will serve as evidence of identity and employment authorization when presented with an expired Green Card.

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