As anticipated, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has just released two new forms for use in the EB-5 Regional Center Program following the enactment of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (“Act”); the Form I-956, Application for Regional Center Designation, and I-956H, Bona Fides of Persons Involved with Regional Center Program.

Under the Act, all entities seeking regional center designation must submit Form I-956 to be in compliance with the new Regional Center Program requirements.

Any person that will be involved with a regional center, new commercial enterprise (“NCE”) or affiliated job-creating entity (“JCE”) must file Form I-956H.

Guidance for who must file Form I-956H is provided in the form itself and also in the Form I-956H instructions which are also available at the above link.

A person is “involved” with a regional center, NCE or affiliated JCE if the person is, directly or indirectly, in a position of substantive authority to make operational or managerial decisions over pooling, securitization, investment, release, acceptance or control or use of any funding.

A person may be in a position of “substantive authority” if they serve as a principal, a representative, an administrator, an owner, an officer, a board member, a manager, an executive, a general partner, a fiduciary, an agent or in a similar position at the regional center, NCE, or JCE, respectively. A person involved with a JCE that is not an affiliated JCE may, at the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s discretion, also be required to complete Form I-956H.

Each person must complete a Form I-956H for each entity with which they are involved for submission with any related form, as applicable. The person must have a United States address to file the Form I-956H.

There is no filing fee for Form I-956H.  However, a biometric services fee of $85 is required for each person who submits a Form I-956H.  Interestingly, the Form I-956H and the biometrics fee must be submitted at the time of filing Form I-956.  This indicates that any entity filing Form I-956, Application for Regional Center Designation must collect all involved person’s Form I-956H and a check or credit card filing fee for the biometrics services fee before filing the Form I-956 and there does not appear any instruction if a regional center, NCE or JCE needs to file additional Forms I-956H to add involved person at a later time.

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