Malaysia Premium Visa Program (PVIP)


The Malaysia Premium Visa Program (PVIP) is a long-term residency visa that enables investors, entrepreneurs, and foreign talents to live, work, or study in Malaysia for up to 20 years.

Attractive Features

  • No age limit
  • Long term residency of 20 years (5+5+5+5) with an option to extend for an additional 20 years
  • No minimum physical stay requirements
  • Allowed to work and carry out legal business activities in accordance with the laws of Malaysia
  • Allowed to study
  • Allowed to purchase real estate for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes
  • Allowed to conduct active investments in permitted fields
  • Participants can be accompanied by dependents such as spouse(s), child(ren), parent(s), in-law(s), and one foreign domestic helper


Investment Pledge a local fixed deposit placement of RM1,000,000 (about US$221,000) with a licensed bank in Malaysia
Income Monthly income of RM40,000 (about US$8,900) or annually income of RM480,000 (about US$106,000)
Police Certificate / No Criminal Records Original copy required
Medical Submit a medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia, and proof of valid local medical insurance coverage


Government Fees

Participation Fee Principal Applicant: RM200,000 (about US$44,000);

Each Dependent: RM100,000 (about US$22,000)

Pass Fee RM2,000/per year (about US$440)
Visa Fee Based on existing rates by country* (per year; RM20 (about US$4) for Taiwan nationals)
Security Bond Based on existing rates by country* (one-off; RM1,500 (about US$330) for Taiwan nationals)

Application Process

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