Individuals in the United States admitted under the Visa Waiver Program (“VWP”) are not allowed to file for an extension of status; moreover, the maximum period of admission is three months.  However, those admitted under the VWP who are unable to depart before their approved period of admission because of  circumstances caused by COVID-19 may request relief in the form of a Satisfactory Departure request.

Enterline and Partners recently received information from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”) that local United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) field offices are facilitating remote requests and adjudication of Satisfactory Departure. AILA reports that the USCIS Contact Center will field these requests within five days prior to the expiration of the applicant’s approved period of admission in the United States.  However, AILA has requested that USCIS extend this five-day period to give individuals and their families sufficient time to make arrangements to either remain in the United States and file for the Satisfactory Departure or find an alternative solution.

If you are in the U.S. on the VWP and need to request Satisfactory Departure from USCIS, contact us and we can help.

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